The Importance of Kiln Drying

Kiln-Drying, is it important? If so, how important is it really?

Without a doubt, kiln-drying is the most important step in the manufacturing of a log home. This critical process of reducing the log’s moisture content ensures a quality product that will last over time. When administered properly, kiln-drying will not only remove excess moisture from the wood, it eliminates mold and fungi, insect infestation and provides a better base for stains and finishes.

At River to River Log Homes, we understand the importance of kiln-drying and take great care to ensure the process is properly administered. River to River dries its logs for a minimum of 30 days at temperatures that reach 180 degrees, uniformly shrinking, sanitizing, and stabilizing the logs. This period of time ensures that each log’s moisture content has been reduced to 19% or less.

This results in the removal of as much as 10,000 lbs. of water from a typical log home.
River to River Log Homes is committed to manufacturing only strong, solid homes, and it is our goal to provide customers with the very best product available. Based on our knowledge and years of experience in the log manufacturing industry, we feel that we cannot provide the very best product without kiln-drying.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Kiln-Dry?

Kilns are expensive to build. Proper kiln-drying is not a cheap process. Undoubtedly, the reason many omit or minimize this all-important step is because kiln-drying limits the manufacturer’s production capacity. You can only manufacture what your kiln can produce.

Does the Competition Stack up on Kiln-Drying?

  • Minimum of 30 days in the kiln
  • Temperatures that reach 180 degrees
  • Logs monitored throughout the drying process
  • Log samples cut and weighed, as well as a moisture meter (probe) to check the moisture content
  • Kiln-dried logs placed in dry-storage until milling
  • Moisture levels checked again during milling process
  • Logs not meeting the correct moisture level are “dropped out” – not used
  • Logs checked a final time before shipping