Restoration and Repair

Services- Restain, Repair, and Restore

Services Offered

  • Finish Removal by Chemical Stripping or Media Blasting
  • Log Replacement with Logs Specifically Made to Match Log Size on Log Home
  • Sanding to Smooth Logs and/or Log Ends or Remove Finish
  • Washing with Specially Formulated Detergent for Logs and Wood and Other Prep Work to Prepare for Staining/Sealing
  • Caulking and Chinking with Perma-Chink Products Specially Formulated for Log Homes
  • Staining and Sealing
  • Log End Sealing
  • Other Services Offered by Request

The Repair/ Restoration Process for Log Homes

  1. Initial Free Consultation
    Call us direct at 208-881-8564 to discuss. We will schedule and complete a free onsite evaluation. If Repair/Restoration is a small project, we may ask for pictures and complete estimate via email.
  2. Quote
    We will review your log home with Free Onsite Estimate and note recommended items to bring your home back to being beautiful. We will email a quote listing off recommended services and offer choices to you for Repair/Restoration.
  3. Schedule Services
    We will review a timeline with you and tentatively schedule your services.
  4. Arrive and complete services!
    We will keep you informed throughout the entire process and review everything happening with your log home to bring it back to being beautiful!
  5. Review your completed Repairs/Restoration.
    We will complete a final walk around with you to ensure satisfaction!

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