Typical Log Package

What IS Included in a Typical Log Package

  1. Log Wall SystemKiln dried, white pine logs for exterior walls
  2. Matching log siding for gables and dormers
  3. Matching log siding for 12″ sub-floor band (excluding porches/decks)
  4. Pre-cut corners
  5. Interior corner posts (if required)
  6. Window and door jam stock – 2×6
  1. Second Floor SystemWestern Douglas fir center beams – 6x
  2. Western Douglas fir floor joists – 4×8 (32”oc)
  3. Western Douglas fir posts – 6×6
  4. Spruce T&G floor decking – 2×6
  1. Roof SystemWestern Douglas fir ridge beams – 6x_
  2. Western Douglas fir rafters – 4×8 (32″oc)
  3. Western Douglas fir barge rafters – 2×8
  4. Western red cedar fascia: 1×12 rough sawn
  5. White pine T&G roof decking – 1×6
  6. 7-1/4″ rigid polystyrene insulation w/ 7/16 OSB – 4×8
  1. Porch Roof SystemWestern Douglas Fir carrier beams – 6×8
  2. Western Douglas Fir posts – 6×6
  3. Western Douglas Fir rafters – 4×8 (48″oc)
  4. Spruce T&G roof decking – 2×6
  5. Western red cedar fascia: 1×8 rough sawn
  6. Matching log siding for porch roof kneewall
  1. AccessoriesWindows & Doors
  2. Full blueprint / construction drawing services
  3. Butyl log sealant tape
  4.  Caulk
  5.  Oly log/log hog fasteners
  6. Dovetail plywood splines
  7.  Sikkens Exterior and Interior Log Finish
**We can modify the log package to suit your needs. All of the things you see listed above can be sold individually as well.

What IS NOT Included in a Typical Log Package

1. Roofing – no felt, shingles or metal roof covering is provided; LHA typical roof system includes heavy timbers (beams & rafters), T&G decking and polystyrene insulation panels; should a client opt to do a conventional roof on all or a portion of the home, we do not supply the trusses or dimensional material, batted or blown insulation, or other material associated with a conventional roof system

2. Foundation – we do not provide any foundation material

3. Sub-floor – we do not provide subfloor material (floor trusses, OSB/plywood, etc.). However, we do provide the matching log siding that covers the sub-floor band

4. Floor coverings – wood floors, tile, vinyl, carpet, etc. are not provided

5. Decks / porches – we provide the porch roof system from the posts up, minus the felt paper and roof type itself. We do not typically provide any of the treated deck boards or posts,

6. Trim – we do provide the exterior rough sawn cedar trim for the windows and doors. Any of the interior window, door, baseboard, gable to log wall transition trim or exposed loft transition trim that is preferred is not provided for in our typical package

7. Wall coverings – we typically provide interior tongue & groove for the gables and dormers, and can for other interior walls, but if a different covering is preferred such as drywall, we do not provide.

8. Fixed glass windows – once final drawings are complete and we have specific sizes for the rough openings, we can quote fixed glass through Jeld-Wen if requested; many clients opt to obtain fixed glass through a local glass company. As a result, it typically is not part of a standard quote

9. Main entry door – where most clients prefer to see, touch and feel the many main entry door options, we do not typically quote this door.

10. Fireplace – fireplace itself as well as stone fascia or anything associated is not provided

11. Gables, Dormers, & Interior Walls – the gables, dormers and interior walls will be stick framed and will need to be insulated with typical batted, blown, or spray-foam insulation. We do not provide this type of insulation or any dimensional lumber

12. Mechanical equipment – geothermal, HVAC, hot water heater, pressure tank, fridge, dishwasher, stove, washer/dryer, etc.

13. Screened in porch – we will quote the porch roof materials, but anything below the posts, as well as the screen material itself, would be obtained locally

14. Cabinets, electrical, plumbing, lighting, appliances, counters, counter tops, faucets, etc.

* The above is meant to provide a general list of materials commonly needed for completing a home, but these are materials that LHA does not typically include in the log package itself. It is NOT necessarily a complete list of all materials that would be needed in a home as preferences differ from client to client.