3,394 sq. ft.

The Elk Ridge combines a 29 x 40 ft with a 29 x 29 ft fully lofted wing. The added space that comes in this unique layout makes it truly one of our flagship panelized homes. We are continually surprised with the extraordinary use of space that comes with this home. The loft space is both beautiful as well as functional as bedroom, master suite and bath or as an open entertainment area for the whole gang. Adding balconies and porches makes this home not only more functional but for the square footage price to finish it is also an exceptional value. All of our plans can be modified to fit your needs and build site. Available with half log siding, flat Appalachian siding, craftsman siding for a more timber frame look, or a combination of craftsman and steel siding. We can also custom quote any siding style for your home.

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