About Us Custom Quality Log Homes for Boise, Donnelly, McCall, SunValley and Surrounding Areas

Scott and Cheryl Baker own and manage River to River Log Homes. They have been helping clients build the log home of their dreams since 2005. They originally started in the Midwest with the majority of the log homes being constructed in Illinois. In 2017, they relocated to Boise, ID with their son, Austin. Scott grew up on a farm in central Illinois and Cheryl grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Scott has a Master’s degree in Agribusiness Economics from Southern Illinois University. Cheryl has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling also from Southern Illinois University. Cheryl is a Mental Health Counselor in Boise. Scott has another business also that he owns and manages.

Scott and Cheryl have extensive knowledge in the log home construction process and can assist with the initial planning process all the way to the last finishing touch. They have the knowledge and contacts to help you with the foundation, construction, interior work, and every aspect of the log home construction process. They are always ready to answer any questions.